Understanding what Constitutes Atheism

Atheism is the lack of belief in any god or gods. Put more clearly, atheism is a philosophical position negating the validity of belief in the existence of any form of non-evolved complex being. It could also be called a philosophical position opposing belief in any simultaneously omniscient (that is, all-knowing), omnipotent (all-powerful), omni-benevolent (all-good) … Read more

Christian Perspective on Angels

In recent times there is a resurgence of interest in angels in some streams of Christianity. Most do not blink an eye to the common talk of guardian angels, but talking to angels is another matter altogether, or so it seems. Some declare such claims to be false, others fear such occurrences, while still others … Read more

Buddhism Holy Days and Celebrations

Buddhism is an ancient religion that is practiced all around the world, mostly in Asian countries.  Most religions have celebrations, holy days, and days of commemoration.  Buddhism is no different.  Like Christianity, the ways of celebrating vary by region and ethnic origin. Buddhist New Year Just like other religious calendars, the Buddhist New Year begins … Read more

What does the Sermon on the Mount mean for a believer

The Sermon on the Mount in its entirety, details how believers in Jesus Christ should live their lives. In this sermon, Jesus shows the differences between living under the new Covenant and living under the old laws. Jesus laid the groundwork for the rest of his ministry when he preached the gospel that day on … Read more

Ten Reasons Buddhism is in all Religions

When one thinks of Buddhism, it is often considered as another of the many religions that permeate the world.  While it is in the top 5 (Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism) in terms of number of “members,” it is often considered distinct from the others.  However, on closer inspection, the principles of Buddhism can be … Read more

Why Atheism is not a Choice

Just about every person on this earth defines himself and his beliefs on what he sees and experiences each day. People can often choose what they experience-but what one takes from each experience is beyond his control. Different Beliefs of the World There are millions, if not more, religious people in the world. They follow … Read more

Life without Purpose and the Search for Meaning

While spending eight weeks at a psychiatric rehabilitation center last year, I made what I thought to be a fairly innocuous comment. I simply stated that things just happen. In other words, there are no cosmic reasons for what happens around us. My therapist was quite taken aback suggesting that “I would be in trouble … Read more

Buddha’s Mother

If one answers, Queen Maya of Sakya was Buddha’s mother, one denies the reality. If one denies that Queen Maya of Sakya was Buddha’s mother, one is ignorant of the reality. The only answer to the query, ‘Who was Buddha’s mother?’ is “Not so!” Why did Buddha teach that the universe is essentially empty or … Read more

Understanding the Psychology of Atheism

This may come as a surprise to most people, but the psychological factors behind a belief in atheism are in fact exactly the same as those involved in belief in the monotheistic religions. Historically, also, atheism has actually arisen out of these monotheistic religions. Psychology and History of Atheism Before I explain why this is … Read more

Refuting Cecessionist Doctrine

Cessationism is fading away from mainstream Christianity as supernatural theology permeates the equipping resources readily available in Christian bookstores and websites. Just the same, it is still present enough to warrant discussing. Cessationist doctrine is the view that the gifts of the Holy Spirit, namely miracles, healing, prophecy, and tongues, ended with the first-century church. … Read more