Time to forgive and forget

Jul 24 by

You need a 7 Day BrainwashLike it or loathe it, you can’t ignore it. Christmas will be coming again this year.

Whatever your religious or non-religious position about Christmas, old friends come to mind. And as you go through your list to send greetings to, are there any that make you growl? Is there anyone of whom you think, I wonder what happened to them? If there is, don’t let your next thought be, “Oh, well they never get in touch with me, so why should I…?”

Or perhaps there’s someone you don’t know but would like to know better?

A relative you stopped speaking to for some reason, (even though you forgot years ago what the reason was!).

Whoever those people are, they’re still people. And they get afraid just like you. If you don’t want to forgive, well then don’t, but at least ask yourself who benefits by holding onto old grudges? Is it better to be right or to be kind?

And if there is someone you don’t know but would like to, realize if you want to warm by the fire you sometimes have to be the one to light it.

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