Time out for gratitude

May 13 by

You need a 7 Day BrainwashI don’t mean to get slushy on you, but do you ever stop to think about what you’ve got?

I don’t know you all personally, of course but it’s a fair bet that you’d at least like to tweak life a little, just to pep it up a notch or two.

Today let yourself sink into the awareness of what you’ve got. There is breath in your body – feel it. Thoughts that come and go through your head without you having to do anything – a miracle. There’s food in your belly, and you’re probably comfortably warm. Notice the colours, the shapes of nature – leaves, a cloud, a kitten’s little paws. You are privileged to be able to drink all this in.

And consider, too, that you must always have had enough, at least the minimum of all your needs met, every day of your life up til now, or you wouldn’t be here. Enough food, enough warmth, and yes, enough love to have survived to this day.

Just drink this day in in all it’s glory, wallow in the sheer exquisiteness of being alive, and I’ll talk to you very soon.

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