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You need a 7 Day BrainwashOur minds are the most calm and open to influence when we first wake up. As the day goes on, we get busier and the number of demands and requests increase. Most of us in today’s society are extremely busy trying to balance work, family, social life and so on. It is very easy to get to the end of a day and still have a pile of items on your to do list that did not get completed.

Early morning is an ideal time to create some personal time for your own development. Unless you are in a job that forces you out of bed at 5am, you probably have no obligations at that time of day. Instead of sleeping until the last possible minute, try getting up an hour or even 2 hours earlier than you have been.

Use this time to appreciate the stillness of the world. Get into a headspace of clarity and focus on what you are trying to create for your life. Study empowering books and self development training programs. Write out your goals. In essence, do whatever you can to condition your mind so that you are creating the ideal life for yourself.

By the time the rest of the world is waking up, you will have already invested more time in yourself than most people will for a month. The energy you get from doing this can carry you through the rest of your day and you will be in a much more productive frame of mind.

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