You get what you believe you deserve

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You need a 7 Day BrainwashYou know me, always trying to get your attention away from the down side of life and focus on the positives. Of course, life has its ups and downs – if it didn’t we’d all be bored beyond belief.

One way to get yourself into positive mode is to ask yourself good questions, but here’s one that may highlight how you sometimes get in your own way of having a good time. Ask yourself, “How good can I stand it today?”

Realize you don’t get what you deserve, you get what you believe you deserve. Could you allow yourself to receive a standing ovation just for being you? If not, why not? What would you need to believe about yourself in order to allow that to happen? Remember all those times you’ve given – your time, energy, wisdom, money and love … all those times you achieved something of value – learning a new skill, whether it be swimming, typing, riding a bicycle or playing a Mozart concerto – there’s only one you, and the world would be poorer without you.

Hark! Is that a ripple of applause I hear?

Smile. It’s beginning.

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