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You need a 7 Day BrainwashOnce, many years ago, when I was deeply unhappy about my life, I took a few days off work to “get myself together.” A friend gave me a piece of advice that was extraordinarily helpful in my hour of need, and until this week, I hadn’t considered is just useful any time. She said to me, “While you’re away, do something non-cerebral for yourself.” She suggested activities such as a Shiatsu massage, and at the time I remember I bought myself an hour in a float tank. But the reason she said that was ‘cos I’m such a thinker normally. I would have ruminated on my troubles, and returned as wrecked as when I left.

And this holiday was non-cerebral for me. So here’s my point, (and today’s tip – at last you cry!) …

Give yourself some time in the week to do the opposite of your standard way. If you like to think as I do, then book yourself an hour of tennis or a massage or a float, and realise that whatever you were thinking about before will still be there to think about when the activity is over, so give yourself the break.

Or, if you’re generally an active, sporty sort, read a book, or learn to play chess perhaps.

You’ll find your troubles dissolve and your life will start to come into balance.

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