5 ways to deal with stress

You need a 7 Day BrainwashSome people seem to breeze through life, adapting to every stressful event with comparative ease. Nothing seems to hold them back and they handle problems as they arise efficiently and with minimal stress. These people are resilient, they have the right frame of mind to be able to cope and they are not afraid to face stress head on.

It’s all too easy to be negative these days. These are difficult times but having a positive mental attitude certainly helps an individual to be able to overcome the types of stressors that most people have to face such as potential job loss, bereavements, financial concerns or poor health.

To increase resilience and therefore combat stress before it becomes a problem, try to adopt the following:

1. See any problems that arise as solvable. With the right frame of mind, any problem can be solved or certainly alleviated. Write down any problems or concerns and think about options. Half of the battle when fighting stress triggers are that many people leave them to grow bigger and to become more of a concern through fear. Writing a problem down captures it and clarifies it, making it become an isolated and tangible problem- anything that is tangible, is resolvable.

2. Change is a part of everyday life and although it can be unsettling and be a genuine cause for concern, it’s vital that change is also seen as a positive step to encounter.

3. Determine that success is achievable through working smarter. Rejection is only part of the journey to success, keep on the path with hardened resolve and success will be yours.

4. Have a healthy lifestyle outside of family issues and work concerns. Take part in fun activities for enjoyment. Relaxational pursuits help keep the stressors at bay.

5. Ask for help if needed. The term No Man is an Island’ is a true one. Having the support of friends and family can make everything seem possible.

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