Change your mind and your thoughts

Jun 9 by

You need a 7 Day BrainwashListen, it’s simple. The past is nothing more than your memories. The future is nothing more than your imagination. Memories and imagination are functions of your mind. So if you want to stop reacting to the past in negative ways, and you want to stop worrying about the future – change your mind!

Make pictures in your head of happy, fulfilling events to come, and when those old “weepies” play in your head, turn them into comedies or light drama. Put Mickey Mouse ears on images of people you fear, change the pictures of distressing moments into small black and white photographs the size of postage stamps, turn the volume down to a whisper or off altogether ….

Hey! You’re getting a whole Wizard of Wisdom Workshop here … and for free!

Have fun guiding your brain!

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