How thought vibrations affect your life

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You need a 7 Day BrainwashThe emotional energy we give out in the form of thoughts is referred to as a vibration. Our thoughts are only powerful when they are connected to emotions. This is just as well, as we can have many thousands of different thoughts each day, but most are only fleeting so do not contain any emotional energy. The thoughts we need to be aware of are those that we attach emotional feeling to. For example, if you are really worried about money, and this is constantly on your mind, you are likely to feel very emotionally anxious about this, which will affect your thought vibrations and attract more reasons to feel worried about money into your life. On the other hand, if you see a dog playing, you may have the passing thought that it would be nice to have a dog, but this is soon forgotten. If you don’t feel strongly about having a dog then this thought will not be charged with emotional energy and so you will not be giving out any strong vibrations.

You probably know someone who always seems to look on the down side of life (or maybe you are that person!) I once heard about someone who was constantly moaning about the negative things which happened to him; the poor service he received in restaurants, the things that used to breakdown in his home, his children’s’ behaviour his first words when he walked into the office were You’re not going to believe what’s happened now!’ before launching into his latest tale of woe. The funny thing was, the more he moaned the more negative experiences he had! His car was always breaking down, he encountered more problems in his work than anyone else, and if an illness was doing the rounds, he and his family were always the first to get it. Because he was always expecting the worst to happen, and expecting that he was going to experience nothing but problems, this expectation is what he was giving out in his thought vibrations. Of course he was attracting more problems, more bad service, more illness and more reasons to moan.

I should make it clear here that the universe does not bring you problems because you are a bad or evil person. Nobody is judging you. The law of attraction cannot understand our thoughts, only our thought vibrations. It does not attract good’ or bad’ vibrations, it attracts like vibrations- this is a very important concept to understand. If you are feeling bad, you are giving out vibrations to reflect your feelings, and the law of attraction simply works through the universe to bring you what it thinks you want- namely more reasons to feel bad. For example, if you are constantly stressing and stewing over all the debt you have, the universe receives the connected thought vibrations and thinks you want more debt- so manifests more bills, or a car breakdown.

Contrast this with someone who always seems to be happy and positive and who expects things to go well; they generally do, because this is what they are attracting through their thought vibrations. I have heard the phrase money goes to money’ many times; the idea being that money seems to be attracted to those who already have plenty of it. I would suggest that this is the law of attraction at work; people who have money expect to always have plenty, and feel confident and positive in their ability to produce more of it. This is reflected in their thought vibrations, so more money is naturally attracted to them. Learn from them!

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