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You need a 7 Day BrainwashThere are times, aren’t there, when we all need a bit of ego stroking? You know, tell me you love me or I’ll scream! Sometimes it’s easy to get exhausted and feel unappreciated.

So here’s a metaphor that might help at such times.

Imagine going to the theater to see a brilliant show, except for the fact that the lighting keeps going wrong. It looks like candle light when it should be mid-day, a lightning flash lasts a full ten seconds, (and it’s green), and once, when there’s supposed to be brilliant sunshine, everything went dark.

No matter how good the actors are, that would kinda spoil the show, wouldn’t it?

The best compliment the lighting crew can get is, “You were so good I didn’t notice you were there.”

So look around you. Are your folks, whether family or colleagues happy? Are they able to get on with their jobs, their lives, largely because of un-noticed effort you’re putting in?

There’s your compliment. Flash the wrong lights at the wrong times, and everyone’s life will be disrupted. Don’t spoil the effect. You’re doing a brilliant job illuminating the world precisely the right way for everyone. Your rewards will come. Patience!

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