Are you afraid of change?

You need a 7 Day BrainwashAre you someone who finds it tough to let time just drift by? Or do you try to fill every moment? Having ful-filled moments is one thing, but having empty time filled with “noise” is different, isn’t it?

Sometimes, we get fearful of change. We bustle about doing our utmost to ensure that life goes on the same, even if it’s uncomfortable, rather than let things change. The reason we do that is because we’ve had disappointments and frustrations in the past, and rather than risk another one of those experiences, we cling.

Can you imagine clinging to a rock face by your fingernails for years and years? Yet that is precisely what so many of us do with life … wishing our kids wouldn’t grow up, or our parents would stay young or employers would never lay people off …

From now on whenever you catch yourself in a “halcyon days” mood – you know, “It’s not like it used to be in my day ..” stop for a moment and ask yourself one simple question. Remember that nothing has ever stayed the same, (ask your grandmother), and simply say to yourself, “What if this was all all right?” Just what if? Let go, let be, let yourself breathe into the newness of the world that you have helped to create, and be proud.

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