Atheists bench

Madalyn Murray O’Hair – The reason behind the hate

Arguably the most notorious atheist of the 20th century, Madalyn Murray O’Hair built a life on boldly challenging any overlapping in church and state. She not only challenged any perceived discrepancies to the 1st Amendment, she viciously attacked all religion and anyone who represented a faith-based religion. Unlike her atheist predecessors who respectfully debated their … Read more

Great Books that Criticize Religion

Why I Am Not a Christian is a book of essays which includes a copy of a speech by Bertrand Russell, the Welsh-born philosopher and mathematician, who delivered it to the National Secular Society in South London in 1927. In his speech, he explains why he does not believe in God and immortality, and also … Read more

Has Religion become Obsolete

In today’s relentlessly progressing society, there lies a general consensus that science is slowly but enviably stripping away the functions of religion one by one. Previously unexplainable phenomenons thought to be the work of divine celestials are now easily explainable by the laws of physics. People no longer have to turn to the respective deities … Read more

Understanding why Theists need to Deny Atheism

Just as many atheists feel the need to deny the probability of a divine creator, even more theists are compelled to spread the word of God and thereby denounce atheism. It is an ongoing debate that has raged for millennia. Today, with increasingly aggressive action taken to remove God from society, it is more important … Read more

Exploring the Question of Freedom Offered by Atheism

Atheism offers freedom in the relationship to the God theories of the world today. Atheism being the denial of the existence of God and presuming the theory is that no religion or spirituality is acceptable as true or believable. Atheism then on those grounds or terms would allow much freedom from various types of binding … Read more

Humanists Heaven on Earth

HEAVEN ON EARTH: IS IT POSSIBLE? Heaven can be defined several ways. Out of the six entries offered by the “American Heritage Dictionary,” there are only two that the humanist would recognize: “1. The sky or universe as seen from the earth; the firmament.” This first definition refers to a physical place other than Earth, … Read more

10 Sources of Inspiration for Atheists

Atheists are no different than anyone else with the sole exception that they don’t believe in God or any form of higher being. With that in mind they have to draw inspiration from other sources than religion, holy texts or a unique relationship with God. The following are just a few of the ways atheists … Read more

Dangerous Myths Reward after Death what a Reward

WHAT A REWARD! Where to begin if you are still alive? Yet, there’s no escaping the question of death. But dangerous myths: reward after death? That’s quite another story. All through history,the belief has not changed of a life after death. If Life, is a danger, then that’s a very dangerous myth. Every time we … Read more

Why Atheism and Morality are not Incompatible

It’s said that religion is the opiate of the masses. People tend to lump morality in with spirituality. Religious people will say that you can’t be moral if your not spiritual, nothing could be further from the truth. I don’t consider myself to be a religious person, but i do consider myself to be a … Read more