Is Atheism Compatible With Morality?

This question’s answer must begin with a categorical study of the two concepts. To briefly examine them for the sake of time, atheism is a belief that denies the existence of God, and thus limits intelligence to mankind exclusively. Morality concerns right and wrong, concepts that are extremely vague. As a matter of fact, the … Read more

Why Prayer Does Not Work – An Atheist View

Even to suggest that atheists have views on certain matters without reason tends to be rather silly. By definition, an atheist does not accept theology and thereby does not accept God as valuable concept. God is not other than product of some sort of mix-up that has occurred and that necessarily imposes certain difficulties when attempting … Read more

Dalai Lama

The narrator in my head keeps saying that I met the Dalai Lama today. I suppose I did. He just didn’t meet me, or at least, not any more than he met anyone else in the sea of people who filled up Centennial Olympic Park this afternoon under a sky that was both ominous and … Read more

Reasons not to believe in God

Recently, I have become absolutely enthralled with the comedic and political antics of Bill Maher. How I completely missed just how in tune this guy is with the American people’s heartbeat, I’ll never know. But, that’s not why I’m writing this. I’m writing this because something he said in one of his many hilarious and … Read more

Morals don’t require religion

Agnosticism is not an indecisive religion, but rather, it is a lifestyle, much like Judaism or Buddhism (the list goes on). Some agnostics believe there is a God; a better word would be a “higher being.” However, they have accepted the fact they don’t know this for a fact, and instead of arguing about which … Read more

Agnosticism why neither Religion nor Atheism is right

Everything in our lives is weighed against our assumptions. Everything is judged, from our experiences to our very emotions. The entirety of our sentient existence is shaped by that set of ingrained assumptions. Realizing this, one must wonder at the nature of our assumptions, our basis for conscious thought: For instance, generally we assume that … Read more

How new atheism has changed the game?

After decades of routinely despising atheists for their personal choice to live their lives free of religion, the religious community is now turning atheism’s respect for rational thinking into a weapon against rational thinking itself. It is no longer enough for the believer to hate the nonbeliever, not sufficient anymore to shun atheists, or to … Read more