Yoga Twisting

Sep 28 by

Twistin, twistin, twistin the day away. Sounds like a dance tune, but it could be your new yoga mantra. Twists wring the body out and therefore help to release enormous amounts of tension. They are deeply cleansing and nourishing. After twisting, the musculature of the body relaxes and that area is filled with nutrients. . Twists feel great and your body will love them. Twists are especially good for the spine. They strengthen the muscles that link the vertebrae keeping the whole structure open and flexible. If the spine is compressed or contracted circulation is impaired and those areas become malnourished and dry up. Twists improve mobility and release tension in the back muscles, spine, abdominal organs, shoulders, neck and hips. Consequently, these areas experience improved circulation and energy flow. Moreover, since every nerve...

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