Everyone is perfect in their own way

You need a 7 Day BrainwashAs you look around you, perhaps contemplating what will become of you as life ticks by, think on this.

Everywhere you look you will find people, living or dead, who have achieved more than you. Some are more intelligent, more talented, more beautiful. Others will be the opposite.

There are people who achieve very little compared to, say, Gandhi or Churchill, but who bring up loving families. There are some who cannot tell a joke to save their lives, let alone sing or dance, but who will do anything to help a hungry animal.

And as you contemplate the myriad pieces of the mosaic called humanity, realise that in the perception of others, YOU are included. Each will have a view of you as more or less talented, more or less beautiful and so on.

No one is right or wrong. There are no “betters” or “worses” in the world. Only lots of me’s and you’s. Everyone is perfectly themselves, just as they are. YOU are perfect just as you are.

Only when you see yourself from the perspective of perfection can you grow.

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