Life needs challenges

You need a 7 Day BrainwashFrom time to time people say to me, “All that positive stuff you read about is all very well, but life just isn’t really like that, is it? I mean, come on,” they say, “be realistic…” and off they go telling me what’s not working for them.

Then they kind of pull an expression that tells me what they’d really like to happen next is that I’ll shrug and sigh a bit, and then I’ll look sheepishly at my shoes, and I’ll say something like, “Yeah. I guess you’re right. Sometimes life can really dump on you….”

But I won’t.

Imagine a game of golf. Suppose that you really wanted to be a top class golfer. How would it be if you could go round any course in the world and get 18 holes in 18 every single time? There’d be no point to the game. No one would want to play you, and you’d be so bored you’d sell your clubs.

Today, just for today, pretend that you believe that everything happens because at some level you chose it, and that you are guided by a guardian angel who will never let you come to harm. Pretend. Just for today. Go on. By tomorrow, I assure you you’ll notice the difference.

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