Make your own resolutions

You need a 7 Day BrainwashEach New Year people by the bucket load make those resolutiony-things, only to break most of them again a few weeks later.

So, while there’s still time to think about what yours might be, reflect for a moment before committing yourself. Are they really, really yours?

Or might you just be making some of them to please someone else? It’s what your parents or spouse or kids expect of you.

My # 1 resolution has to be: only make resolutions that truly, truly are mine and serve me.

After all, when I’m a happier, healthier human being, everyone else in my life will benefit by default won’t they? My only caveat is that I make sure that whatever I resolve, it will cause no-one any harm or upset.

Otherwise, be self centred! Where else is there to be centred?

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