Pay attention to the silence

You need a 7 Day BrainwashTake a breath, my friends, and leap – another day begins. Another day full of experiences – the expected, the unexpected, the surprising and the ordinary.

Have you ever stopped to consider how many experiences impinge upon your senses in even an average day? Curiously, we have grown so used to the bustle and commotion of daily life, that we frequently forget there is one precious experience in which we can indulge, yet we don’t. I’m talking about the experience of silence.

I know, I know, the kids always have the hi-fi up full blast, and the phone never stops ringing, and anyway you should hear the traffic passing our house ….

But wait! For you to be able to hear any of that, there has to be silence within you. Otherwise, the noise inside your ears or head would block out all those other noises.

Spend five minutes today paying attention to the silence inside you – the blank canvas of soundlessness into which life can pour itself. You may discover you are the still centre of all that seems to occur. Try it with your eyes closed too.

Have a peaceful day.

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