There’s only one you

You need a 7 Day BrainwashDid you ever stop to think that you’ve always got something to say? No matter what question gets thrown at you, no matter how odd, awkward or bizarre the circumstance, you can always come out with a comment.

It isn’t like you have to stop and think what to say next. I mean, imagine if you were in conversation and you had to say to each other all the time, “I’ll just need a couple of minutes to think of the next sentence.” You’d never get past “Have a nice day.”

Now I know that sometimes you’ll say stuff you’ve said a thousand times before, but not every time.

Where does it all come from? With no delay you are able to create new concepts, new combinations of words, new thought processes and express them any time about any thing.

Do you ever stop to think how amazingly creative you are? Endlessly and infinitely creative, yet we take that ability so much for granted because practically all of us can do it. But remember too, your thoughts, your expressions, your constellation of ideas are precisely that – yours and yours alone. No one can ever say things, do things or express things exactly the way you do.

So remember, you are a unique creative genius.

Now doesn’t that make you feel proud?

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